We offer a unique combination of DIY accounting via system and procedures set up by an online accountant for those who prefer a more hands-on approach when it comes to handling their tax and accounts.

If you are looking for the best solution between completing your own tax returns and company accounts for your business and just handing over your paperwork to a pricey business accountant every month, look no further.

We are here to help not as your online accountants but as an alternative to any accountant – and you retain full oversight of your numbers.

Our process is simple. Clients record their data (we have free templates they can use), send it to us and we handle the rest.

For small business

While large businesses usually have their own dedicated accountant teams, an online accounts processing solution may be the best solution for smaller businesses – at least in the beginning.

In the early stages, your business may only have expenses and doing DIY company accounts can be a perfectly acceptable solution for the first year. If you have a new limited company registered in England or Wales, can input data into an Excel sheet or accounts software and send it to us we will handle the accounts formatting and the companies house and HMRC submissions for you. For those who like to DIY company accounts, we offer a better solution than high street accountants or online accountants.

An expert from our highly trained team will review and format your company accounts, sense-check your expenses and corporate tax calculation for you and submit your returns to HMRC.

As your business grows, we will be ready to refer you for a full accountancy service to associate qualified accountants when needed.

For self employed

Hiring a dedicated accountant can be a sizeable chunk of expense financially and time-wise for a new self employed person. If you only have a single source of income and a relatively straightforward tax situation, like many others you may not want to get a quote for a full accountant service just yet.

Spending a few hours on the HMRC website and learning the tax regulations relevant to you as well as maintaining a clean way of collecting your invoices, expenses and other paperwork can save you money while your business takes off.

Many of our clients start out with crunching their own numbers, use our various accounts templates and business guides for help. At the year-end, they will send us their numbers online to format. We then double-check the numbers, format their accounts, getting their final approval and complete the submission to HMRC for them.

As their businesses begin to take off we recommend them to other practicing accountant firms for full accountancy service.

What is the best online accounting software for small business?


With many online bookkeeping software solutions available today, our customers often ask which accountancy software do we recommend?

Our advice: pick the one that’s the easiest to use – for you. Spend a few hours researching so you can choose the best option for your needs. Read reviews, compare packages and consider the monthly cost. While these programs are not quite the equivalent of online tax accountants they can be a great help in keeping all your data in the same place.

For contractors or if you are self employed, often a simple online accounting package will do. Easy access to your data structured in a nice, clean way is the most important requirement, no need for advanced technology with bells and whistles. These packages might come with limited options but you don’t pay a high fee every month.

If your business is a limited company with diverse sources of income, expenses, bank statements, payroll, insurance, tax and vat paperwork can add a significant amount of complexity to the accounts. In this case, a friendly email support team or services that provide real-time chat support might save you a lot of headaches down the road and can justify slightly higher costs.

QuickBooks, Xero, Clearbooks, FreeAgents, Sage, Zoho and Wave are a few names you want to consider. A trained team of online accountants can handle data from any of these programs.