• How do I pay for the service?

    You don’t have to pay anything until we have sent you invoice. Once invoice is received it’s payable immediately before drafts accounts be sent to you for approval.

  • When will you send invoice for your service?

    Once you have sent your numbers, we will check them for basic accuracy and if it all looks fine will accept to provide the service and send invoice in order to commence work.

  • Can I pay by Cheque?

    No. We prefer to be paid via bank transfer.

  • Are you acting as our accountants?

    Please note we are not acting as your Accountants. The responsibility of getting the numbers right is still with you. Our service is help with the process of converting the numbers into statutory Accounts and submissions to Companies House and HMRC.

  • Is the accounts prepared and submitted by Accountants?

    Yes, we are qualified accountants. However, please refer to point 4. If you want to hire an Accountant you may want to search for a local Accountant.

  • I use accounting software (e.g. Sage) can I send you my Profit & Loss statement from that?

    Yes. You can send Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet from any Accounting software you use as well as spread sheet and we will prepare Statutory Accounts for you ready for submission.

  • I have reconciled bank, I know my Sales and Expenses but have not used any Accounting Software or Spread sheet to keep records. How do I send you my numbers?

    Please use our Form to fill your income, expenses, assets and liability details. Where in doubt, please write us a note so we can help you with it.

  • Will you submit Accounts companies House for me?

    Yes. We can do that on your behalf as long as you send us your Companies House authentication code.

  • Will you submit Accounts and Corporation Tax Return to HMRC?

    Yes. We can do that on your behalf and it is our most popular service.

  • I have not kept records properly, have lots of receipts and I never reconcile bank account. Can you help?

    No. Please use a bookkeeper or an Accountant to help you complete your numbers first.