QuickBooks Accountant is an online software brought to you by Intuit, the creator of QuickBooks Pro. Developed specifically to help professional accountants optimize their workflow this is a robust tool making life easier for accountancy firms dealing with a large number of clients. The company constantly upgrades the product with new and improved features as feedback from real customers reaches them.

The unique Document Center feature allows users to store all relevant documents within the program so accountants can save a tremendous amount of time during the work process. The Condense feature keeps the storage requirements down as well as improves the overall speed of the software allowing for a smoother workflow.

The system is designed with multiple users in mind. Up to 5 people can be working on the same company account at the same time, each with their own license. The improved Time Sheets function allows for easy tracking of multiple employees. The batched invoicing feature lets users to send invoices to more than one customer at a time without having to create a new sheet for each company.

Is QuickBooks Accountant free?

It is free to create an account for bookkeepers and accountants and Intuit allows the use of their Online Accountant software for free in practice mode. Users only need to pay for the solution once they start adding real clients to the system. Adding additional clients come with a discounted rate and the use of the software automatically enrolls you in their silver Pro Advisor program.

How Much is QuickBooks Accountant?

There are 2 levels of the software suite. The deluxe membership comes with a price tag of $349/year and provides access to the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus which is a powerful tool that includes all the features of QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions. In addition, it also gives you access to a host of new features designed specifically for professional bookkeepers working with multiple clients. Many of the usual accounting tasks can be completed in a batched version for some serious time savings. It also gives tools to deal with and review data from multiple clients.

The premium version carries a $549/year price tag. In addition to everything included in the deluxe membership, the premium also gives you access to 3 other QuickBooks products which are the Point of Sale, the Enterprise and the Mac desktop products.

Do You Need an Accountant if You Are Using QuickBooks?

While QuickBooks is an excellent online accounting tool that lets you keep track of all your invoices, expenses and other money matters, if you are not completely familiar with how accounting for your business works you are probably better off using professional online accounting services. It may seem like just another additional expense at first but a good accountant can not only give you peace of mind by checking that all your tax calculations are correct but can often save you more money than your cost of hiring an accountant, to begin with.

If you are dealing with multiple streams of income and expenses and/or using a more complex form of business entity such as a limited company, it is highly recommended to engage in professional help.