A guide to the Statutory Accounts format

Statutory Accounts are accounts which must be prepared annually. These accounts are sent to HMRC, Companies House and also company shareholders.

Here we run down page-by-page of what’s included in the Statutory Accounts format.

1. Cover page

Statutory Accounts cover page
The cover page includes the company name, company registration number and company year-end date.

2. Contents page

Sample contents page from Statutory Accounts

The content page lists the different sections of the statutory accounts report.

3. Company information

Sample Company information from Statutory Accounts

This page will generally cover basic company information: Directors, Accountants, Registered office, Lawyers and Bankers.

4. Director’s report

Sample Director's Report from Statutory Accounts

5. Profit & Loss report

Sample Profit & Loss Report from Statutory Accounts

The Profit & Loss report is required in Full Accounts but not for Abbreviated Accounts.

6. Balance sheet

Sample Balance Sheet from Statutory Accounts

The Balance Sheet is required for both Full and Abbreviated Accounts and must be signed by the Director.

7 & 8. Notes

Sample Accounting Notes from Statutory AccountsSample Accounting Notes from Statutory Accounts

The notes section must always start with the Accounting Policies.

9. Profit & Loss detail

Sample Profit and Loss Report from Statutory AccountsSample Profit and Loss Report from Statutory Accounts

Detailed Profit & Loss section is only for Management and does not need to be sent to Companies House.

Statutory Accounts Format


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Statutory Accounts must meet specific standards which is what the accountstemplate.co.uk can help you with. Whatever format you keep you accounts in, we can submit them to HMRC and Companies House for you in the format they need.

Micro-Entity statutory accounts format

Many companies  qualify to submit accounts as a micro-entity, see our guide to Micro-Entity statutory accounts format.